Legal Services

Our team of lawyers is dedicated to providing Divorce and Family Law legal services (divorce, asset division, child and custody arrangements, family home and inheritance issues) .

We offer online and face-to-face legal counselling before and after the divorce (via chat, e-mail, whatsapp, skype or telephone). If you have any questions, please contact us.

Whereas a couple are in agreement regarding the divorce, the DIVORCIO & FAMÍLIA team offers several services within the scope of our Online Divorce service.

If there isn’t a divorce agreement, we offer legal representation among other services in our Divorce without consent service.

In the event that your divorce has already been decreed in a foreign country, it must be recognized in a court of law before it is valid and enforceable in Portugal. If this is your case, the service to be hired is Divorce Abroad.

If you didn’t find a service that fits your particular needs or if you have questions regarding the services that we offer, please contact us by phone (351 218952028) or e-mail